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Go Play Outside ® encourages and promotes the exploration of the natural world in all its forms, from paddleboarding and picnicking to biking and hiking. The heart of our brand philosophy is simple: exploring the outdoors should always be an invitation to self-awareness, self-growth, leisure and recreation, learning, and having fun. Go Play Outside ® celebrates experiencing nature to its fullest, seeking out the unknown and yet to be discoveredengaging in rest and leisure for the body and mind, and sharing moments of outdoor adventures with family, friends, and community.

I go to nature every day for inspiration in the day’s work.
– Frank Lloyd Wright

In addition to promoting physical activity, wellness, and leisure recreation, Go Play Outside ® maintains a mission of social responsibility for our planet and its natural resources. We aim to raise awareness about the environment, preserve our outdoor spaces for the enjoyment and enrichment of future generations, and encourage every person to commit to small practices today that can make a positive environmental impact for generations to come.

Waterkeepers Chesapeake

Waterkeepers Chesapeake fights for clean water and a healthy environment by supporting Waterkeepers throughout the Chesapeake and Coastal Bays regions as they protect their local communities, rivers, and streams from pollution. Our 17 Waterkeeper program members include: Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper, Middle Susquehanna Riverkeeper, Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper, Gunpowder Riverkeeper, Anacostia Riverkeeper, Patuxent Riverkeeper, South-West-Rhode Riverkeeper, Severn Riverkeeper, Chester Riverkeeper, Sassafras Riverkeeper, Choptank Riverkeeper, Miles-Wye Riverkeeper, Assateague Coastkeeper, Potomac Riverkeeper, Upper Potomac Riverkeeper, Shenandoah Riverkeeper, and James Riverkeeper.

Our Story

“Go play outside!” During our childhood, our parents likely told us to get off the couch and get outdoors. When you got outside, you discovered new things to do and see in your backyard and neighborhood. You stayed outside until you heard mom or dad calling you home for lunch and dinner. Today, fewer and fewer people are getting to experience this sense of discovery and exploration; we’re isolated and disconnected from nature at times.

However, the need for children and adults alike to go play outside and experience the benefits of health and well-being remains ever important. Whether it’s taking a hike, paddle boarding, or picnicking at a local park, putting aside the pressures of life and connecting with the beauty of nature is something that everyone can benefit from each day. This is what we aim to do through Go Play Outside ®.

Shank's Mare

The Power of Play

Play has the power to transform and uplift. It’s an important part of our childhood, and it remains an important part of our lives. Play gives us balance and an outlet through which to change, explore, and grow. Through our leisure, we take the time to refresh and renew our bodies, minds, and spirits.

We created the Go Play Outside ® brand as a way to encourage everyone to choose their own adventure, discover what nature has to teach us, and give back to nature all that we receive from nature.

Go Play Outside ® is both a challenge and an invitation. It’s a call to embrace discoveries and an opportunity to go beyond the stresses of our daily lives and enjoy what nature freely gives us to nourish our body, mind, and spirit in the outdoors.

What adventures await you? Go Play Outside ®!

Kayakers out on Susquehanna River

Our Mission

Go Play Outside’s mission is to connect, support, and nurture stewardship of our natural world.

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We do our best for you and the environment.


Our products represent quality clothing and gear that fit and perform well, have a story to tell and are environmentally conscious.


GPO products are sourced responsibly. We choose suppliers who engage in community whether local or global.


Our products are shipped to you with thought given to minimal packaging. That means less environmental impact.

Giving Back

We support the outdoor community. 4% of every item purchased is invested in environmental stewardship.

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