An epic journey called The Bay Paddle is taking place on the Chesapeake Bay and Go Play Outside is participating. A 215 mile, 8 day staged paddling race is organized to bring attention to the health of the Chesapeake. Go Play Outside brand is outfitting the Waterkeepers Chesapeake team for the race. GPO hats and sun protection shirts will provide comfort to our team racers as they compete in this 8-day event. The Waterkeepers Chesapeake team is paddling for the health and restoration of local rivers that flow into the Bay. Go Play Outside’s home river, the Susquehanna, has a huge impact on the Bay as it supplies 50% of the fresh water to the Chesapeake.  You can support the efforts to help the Bay with your purchase of Go Play Outside clothing and gear. 4% of your Go Play Outside brand purchase is donated to Waterkeepers Chesapeake to further their clean water mission.  Go Play Outside. Live it. Teach it. Share it. Wear it.